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More About Bachelor of Engineering (HONORS) (ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING) UniMAP.

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curriculum structure and the career prospect for Bachelor of Engineering (HONORS)


So, feel free to explore the one of the interesting program in UniMAP.
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#Curriculum Structure
1.     Environmental Chemistry
2.     Mechanics and Material Engineering                              
3.     Thinking skills
4.     Electrical Technology                           
5.     Computer Programming (C++)  
6.     Basic Ecology
7.     Fundamental of Chemical Engineering Processes          
8.     Engineering Skills
9.     Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics
10.  Thermodynamics                                                          
11.  Fundamental of Environmental Engineering
12.  Environmental Engineering Skills
13.  Water Supply Engineering
14.  Environmental Law, Health and Safety
15.  Geo-environmental Engineering
16.  Air Pollution Engineering
17.  Wastewater Engineering
18.  Solid and Hazardous Waste Engineering
19.  Environmental Impact Assessment
20.  Noise  Pollution Engineering
21.  Public Health and Occupational Hygiene
22.  Environmental Management System
23.  Hydrology
24.  Mass Transfer
25.  Environmental Process Control and Instrumentation
26.  Environmental Remediation
27.  Environmental Engineering Design
28.  Engineering Mathematics I
29.  Engineering Mathematics II
30.  Engineering Mathematics III
31.  Engineering Statistics
32.  Engineering Management
33.  Engineers in Society
34.  Skills and Technology in Communication
35.  Engineering Entrepreneurship

A wide range of career prospect is available for B.Eng (Hons) Environmental Engineering graduates globally and locally in Malaysia.
 The following are sectors that offer job opportunities:
·         Commodity base industries
·         Petrochemical industries
·         Chemical industries
·         Hazardous waste, solid waste, waste water & water treatment industries
·         Institution of higher learning, research institutes and education
·         Institution of environmental consultancy
·         Government departments such as Department of Environment, Department of Drainage & Irrigation,    Department of Occupational Health & Safety, Department of Works, Department of Health, etc
·         Local government & local authorities
·         Enacted government bodies such as MARDI, PORIM, SEDC, NIOSH, etc
·         Non governmental organization (NGO) both national and international

The main job opportunities are as follows:
·         Environmental Engineer/Officer
·         Environmental Quality Control Engineer/Officer
·         Occupational, Environmental, Health & Safety Engineer/Officer
·         Environmental Enforcement Officer
·         Risk Assess Engineer/Executive
·         Process Engineer
·         Consultant Engineer/Executive
·         Site/Resident Engineer
·         Public Health Engineer
·         Site Remediation Engineer
·         Landfill Engineer
·         Water Supply/Resources Engineer
·         Pollution Control Engineer
·         Sustainable Development Executive
·         Environmental Technical Contractors
·         Sales Engineer/Executive
·         Environmental Entrepreneur
·         Academician

      #There might be changes depending on the current condition.

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